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Established in 1970, our diagnostic department has introduced various advanced diagnostic equipment and testers from overseas to Taiwan.
1970 Boehringer Mannheim (BM) biochemical immune reagents and instruments.
1980 Dade biochemical immune analyzer.
1990 SIGMA Diagnostics, Coulter cell counter, IL instrument Bio-Rad control Reagent.
1995 Harvester became the first company that introduced the CAP (College of American Pathologists)
         proficiency testing products to Taiwan.
2000 Harvester introduced the CAP laboratory accreditation program (LAP) and acted as a consultant
         to help the domestic hospitals and labs to become accredited.
We have helped more than twenty labs to become accredited. Our excellent lab quality assurance is internationally recognized.
Our support team, equipped with many years of experience in quality control in laboratory environment, is capable of providing solutions to a wide range of quality control issues for our customers.
The domestic diagnostic testing technologies continue to develop and mature as quality management in laboratory environment is becoming increasingly crucial. We are a professional service provider that stays
up-to-date to the latest international diagnostic testing trends, so our customers receive comprehensive and innovative services.
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