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Keeping updated with the global medical trends and guidelines

We are committed to stay informed of the research and practice in the international medical field to develop the company’s professional repertoire. With the pledge, we introduce the latest healthcare knowledge to the country to widen the horizon of the domestic medical interests and expertise. Promoting health and quality of life for our people has been Harvester’s long-term objective.

We are committed to adhere to the international standards related to management of medical services. We actively participate in the development and implementation of the GMP, cGMP and the latest PIC/S GMP standards, accumulating valuable knowledge relating to regulatory information and compliance practice. In order to provide the best quality and comprehensive service to our customers, we are also amongst the first to implement the GDP standard (Good Distribution Practice) in all aspects of our daily management, including warehousing, shipping, distribution and marketing, etc.

We accept and observe the Code of Practice set for pharmaceutical industry. This is to ensure high standards for the ethical and responsible promotion of our products, and wherever possible to exceed those required by law.

A Comprehensive Marketing Network

We are one of the largest medical corporations in Taiwan and also the first that introduces the concept of “package selling”. Our relentless effort in providing innovative product and marketing strategies to meet the needs of our customers has secured our leadership position in the market. Despite of the increasingly competitive climate, our sales continue to show steady growth over the years.

Healthy Financial Management

Our company has a robust financial management structure and maintains a balanced ratio of the current assets to the long-term assets to meet the needs of current operation and future business development.

Employee Welfare

The company offers a variety of training programs to enhance the employees’ professional knowledge and skills. We pay attention to the employee’s rights, and comply with labour laws and regulations to guarantee a steady life for our employees.

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